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1. Can I pay my rent with exercise and culture voucher?
- Because of taxation reasons, we unfortunately cannot accept vouchers for equipments rent payment. However vouchers can be used when buying lift tickets.

2. Can I leave rented supplies to be stored over night?
- Unfortunately we don’t have storages for that.

3. Do you sell lift tickets?
- Unfortunately SikMac’s rental companies do not sell lift tickets.  You find tickets office near slopes (Tahkolahti, Vauhti- ja Turistirinne station or Skiing schools office which is located at SkiMac Tiroli)

4. Can I pay rental payment in advance?
- Our cash register system calculates allocation when returning equipments, so paying in advance unfortunately is not possible.

5. Can I return equipments to another rental company?
- Equipments must be returned to the same place as they were rented because even though we are same company, our database is different.

6. Can I leave my personal belongings at rental shop?
- You may leave your shoes where you find your ski shoes only. Other personal belongings we are not responsible for.