From SkiMac Promenade only the finest quality brands for sport and recreation.  At our shop you will certainly find everything from luxury garments to underwear.

At SkiMac Promenade shop, there you will find international brand names for cloths, gifts, home (soft) furnishings (Gant-home design). Also Scott skiing glasses, helmets and poles.

The latest in our collection, Bogner clothes - stylish design and technical comfort.

Winter warm head gear from Italy.

SkiMac’s foundations are built upon an Austrian family company’s large collection of top quality winter sport equipments and – supplies.

Also new in our selection: Footbalance insoles what can be design in our shop to match perfectly to your feet (foot analyse).

Gant Home decoration products - excellent choice for gifts and presents.

From Japan, GOLDWIN, technical and top quality clothing for skiing.

Finnish classic, also from SkiMac Promenade’s selection.

Overalls on and let’s go! Trendy turnouts can wear these even when going to Piazza.

American design products you definitely do not see after on every corner.

Can’t stop the surfscene avalanche! Rip Curl - Easygoing but posh cloth collection now in our selection.

Legendary SCOTT brand, from bikes to slalom skiing.

Norweigian cross country skiing top brand. From us SWIX cross country skiing clothes and waxing supplies.

Skicap’s duration favorite from Finland. With these high quality caps you will be head and shoulders above the others.