Rent equipment

Messilä’s experienced and knowledgeable staff will handle and serve all customer requirements whether single, family or groups.

From SkiMac Messilä you can rent any of our full range of skiing and snowboard equipment from child to adult.

We also stock snowshoes, cross country and Telemark skiing equipments.

Payment can be made by cash, Debit and Credit cards, Visaelectron, Visa, Mastercard, Amex and Diners Club.


Rental instructions:

  1. Complete customer card.
  2. Choose from shelf, shoes that suit your sport type and check their fitting correctly.
  3. Then go to a service desk and inform your planned maximum rental period. Take into account that rent will be charged when returning by used rental time.
  4. Prove your identity and sign rental contract. If you don’t live permanently in Finland, we need and keep your international passport OR 200 € deposit (per set) during your rental time. Keep return receipt safe cautiously.

Return instructions:

  1. Return skis or snow board to service desk.
  2. Present return receipt to cashier and pay rent.

After payment, return ski shoes back to shelf with corresponding number.

Also remember that you are responsible for all rented equipment. So handle those like they were your own.  Using equipments is allowed only where there are informed and supposed to use. If equipments get lost or get damaged, you are responsible to pay caused damage or loss. By signing rental contract you commit to obey Finland’s Skiing associate rental company’s terms of agreements.