SkiMac Messilä FAQ

1. What equipment can be rented?
- We rent skiing, snowboard, cross-country and telemark equipment. We also rent snowshoes, helmets, wrist protections, training harness, sleds and slides.

2. Is it necessary to book equipments in advance?
- Unfortunately we can’t take in advance bookings.

3. If I rent equipments for several days, where do I leave them over night?
- Equipment needed to be return when renting end. So you can keep them as long as you want to rent them.

4. Where to go when ski service is needed?
- We have new Wintersteiger service machines, so we can care all kind of equipments while waiting.

5. Is there a store in rental center?
- Yes, we have a small shop where to buy things you might need at slopes; ski caps, gloves, glasses, helmets, wrist protections etc.

6. Can I leave my personal things at Ski Center?
- Unfortunately we don’t have storages, so we suggest to leave those for example in own car. Thought, own shoes you can leave, during rental time, to self the same place you took skiing shoes.

7. Is there a toilet or dressing rooms at Ski Center?
- The nearest dressing room and toilets located at nearest Market restaurants downstairs just beside of Ski Center.

8. Can I buy lift tickets or book skiing school services from rental center?
- Skiing school serves and operates at same place with rental company.  The nearest lift tickets office located outside of rental company.

9. What withdrawal is accepted at rental company?
- We accept cash, bank-, debit- and credit cards, Visa electron, Euro- and Mastercard, also Amex and Diners club. Because of tax reasons, we unfortunately can’t accept exercise- or recreation bills.

10. Where to buy used equipment?
- At season time, used equipments outlet is open rental centers upstairs mainly at Saturday and Sundays from 10 – 16.
Exactly open hours from SkiMac Messilä’s Facebook sites.

11. I lost my equipment in front of slope restaurant. What do I do?
- Always do pay attention that you are responsible of rented equipment. If you lost or get damaged them, you are obligated against contract to compensate missing or damaged equipments.