SkiMac Messilä’s equipments


From this category you find inclusive assortment of specialist skis. Our assortment include latest rocker-skis, multifaceted all-mountain –skis, light and extremely comfortable women’s MyStyle skis or “competition tight” special and giant slalom downhill skis. Do not hesitate to ask help from our knowledgeable staff of your required and preferred equipment. Pro-skis condition, because our professional services, are always top class. During rental you are welcome to try our different range of pro-skis at the same price.

General skis
Our rental company’s most used ski model FISCHER XTR-Viron has been designed especially for rental use. This ski model has special quality to make slalom and turning circle easier for beginners and is suitable as safe choice for most skiers.

Skiing shoes
High quality Fisher XTR skiing shoes are designed especially for rental use. Ski’s long lasting materials and multifaceted adjustments make skiing comfortable. Remember, to benefit the shoe fitting, your feet should not move inside the shoe and must feel tight inside at all times. The correct skiing position should allow the heel to fall to the back of the shoe and the toes allow a little space to the front of the shoe. Most important of fitting is that heel can’t move upward in shoe.

From SkiMac Messilä’s collection include also more wide Extra Fit collections shoes when wanting more space around shin.

To children we have Fischer Jr collection’s light shoes.

Skiing shoes sizes : EU 26-48
Extra Fit shoes sizes: EU 37-45


We trust quality style: Burton, Scott and Icon snowboards. Snowboard need to be 15-25 cm shorter than skier. As shorter the board, the easier is to make a turn, also in slow speed. All our boards are so called directional-boards giving idealistic skiing qualities those who ordinary are skiing same foot in front.

Snow board sizes: 80 cm – 174 cm

Snow board shoes:
Our rental company use Burton’s soft snowshoes. Pay attention when fitting, it should be stiff that foot can’t move in shoe.

Shoe sizes: EU 29-48

Snow board bonds:
We use only soft and “sträpi” bonded Burton and SnowPro snow board bonds.


At Telemark’s equipments we use NTN bonding system. We have Scott Axtec skis in sizes 155 – 185 cm. Crispi Shiver Telemark skiing shoes turn up sizes EU 37-45.

Cross-country skiing

Skating skis
World’s most overwhelmingly successful ski in world cup is Fisher. Also SkiMac’s rental trust Fisher quality. Skating skis should be about 10-15 cm shorter that skier. Skating skis are also, comparing traditional ski, considerably much stiffer. Our staff will help to choose the best ski for your size.

Traditional skis/classic
SkiMac trust Fisher also in traditional ski style. When delivering and to get always the best results, we wax skis with SWIX-quick lotion (or waxing).

Traditional skis are about 15-26 cm longer than skier. We use at cross-country skiing NNN-bounding system.

Traditional style shoes sizes: EU 30-47
Skating ski shoe sizes: EU 37-47


We rent also Finnish designed Jeti-snowshoes to 2 different weight group; under 70 kg and over 70 kg. When wanting you get as same prize also light Jeti-telescope skipoles to help skiing in deep snow.

Other equipments

Sleds, sliders, Scott helmets and -glasses.